It is the goals we set in life, which push us to become more than we are.



Synopsis One Line

Nick travels to Thailand and Cambodia to train as a kick boxer, along the way battling with his inner demons to achieve his goal of winning a fight at Phnom Penh's CTN stadium.

Synopsis Extended

Nick has lived a wayward life, grappling with alcoholism before discovering kick boxing as a tool to keep him focused and out of trouble. This documentary follows Nick over 6 months as he struggles to keep on a solid path of training in preparation for his ultimate goal - a fight at Cambodia’s CTN stadium. As Nick trains in a range of kick boxing gyms, he comes to learn about the sport, its culture and himself. Pain is Temporary, Pride is Forever is a kick boxers personal journey which explores the importance of the goals we set in life.

Technical Specifications

  • Language: English
  • Duration: 53min 57sec
  • Ratio: 16:9
  • Shooting Format: HD
  • Screening Format: HD
  • Sound: 16-BIT 48.000 kHz Stereo
  • Countries of Filming: Australia, Thailand, Cambodia
  • Subtitles: English subtitled version available